Purchase agreement’s general conditions extract


1. Closure of the Sale

1.4 The sales agreement is closed by acceptance and/or order confirmation by the Seller according to the contractual procedures thereof.

2. Sales Prices

The prices of the items in the price list are without VAT or any other tax to be paid in compliance with the law provisions in force. The prices indicated are valid for goods delivered at our premises, thus being net of any fee and charge for transport and/or of any other nature.

3. Method of Payment

3.1 The Seller considers only the payments in Euro made by the deadlines and according to the terms mentioned in the related invoices.

3.2 The payment of the price is due according to the terms and methods agreed upon in writing and indicated in the invoice.

4. Late payments and non-fulfilment by the purchaser

4.1 In case of late payment, the Purchaser shall be charged of the relevant statutory interests as provided by the Law Dec. n. 231/2002 pursuant to the terms and in accordance with its provisions, in any case starting from the deadline indicated in the contract and/ or reported on the invoice.

6. Drawings. Descriptions. Technical information.

6.1 All drawings, descriptions, details, and measures of the Seller’s goods are produced only for dissemination purposes, and shall not be considered samples as per art. n. 1522 of the Italian Civil Code, which is not applicable to them.

6.2 The Seller has the faculty to hand promotional materials and items over to the Purchaser without such materials and items serving as samples pursuant to art. n. 1522 of the Italian Civil Code.

6.3 The Seller shall be entitled to improve and modify the products in any way whenever it may be needed or appropriate, as well as to discontinue the manufacturing and/or sale of said products.

9. Conventional Warranty

9.1 Our products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects as provided for by both the statutory warranty in favour of the Purchaser “Consumer”, or the conventional possibly agreed in favour of any purchaser that cannot be defined as a “Consumer” (Law Decree. 206/2005) as follows.

9.3 The warranty covers only free repair and replacement of the products recognized as defective by our Technical Support Office. On the other hand, all expenses incurred by the purchaser for the identification of defects, disassembly and the restore of the products are excluded, if such interventions should be carried out by third parties, without prior written authorization from the acquiring party.

12. Competent Court

Should any dispute arise from or in relation to the execution, interpretation, validity, invalidity and others of the sale contract, sole and alternate competence shall lie within the Court of NOVARA, excluding any other courts.